An accurate and precise impression of your teeth is one of the most essential things for effective dental and orthodontic care. At Dual Image Dentistry, we proudly offer intraoral scanning to capture the features and structure of your teeth and gums. Our advanced technology ensures an accurate digital orthodontic scan.


Exceptional Accuracy – No distortion as a result of any movement from the patient during the setting, removal of impression, or disinfection stage.

On-Screen Visualization: Creates the ideal orthodontic scan in the first attempt due to immediate adjustments.

High Efficiency: Requires lesser time than the traditional impression procedures.
Patient Comfort: A convenient method because It gets rid of the materials needed for traditional impressions.


Step 1: Scanning – An orthodontic Assistant scanned your teeth using the intraoral scanner. This scanner creates a 3D digital image on the computer. It is refined by taking a series of pictures to obtain the exact shape and contour of your teeth and gums. This can be used to create orthodontic appliances or to make clear aligners.

Step 2: Immediate Visualization – Teeth models can be seen immediately in real-time, allowing for quick feedback for the patient and parent consultation.

Step 3: Digital Impression Review – The 3D digital impression is reviewed to formulate a treatment plan.

Step 4: Aligner Patients – With this accurate and environment-friendly technology, we are able to produce better-fitting clear aligners in a short time.


Technology is making rapid progression. With advancements in technology, orthodontists are able to deliver high-quality treatment with increased efficiency. Our in-house 3D printer allows Drs. Lockhart to construct high-quality clear aligners and retainers to fix your teeth. The 3D printer is an integral part of our exclusive product, Dualine.


One of the most significant developments in dentistry is the advent of laser technology in the profession.

With the help of the diode laser, Drs. Lockhart are able to perform frenectomies, exposure of erupting teeth, re-contouring of gums after braces, and crown lengthening. The soft tissue laser eliminates the need for stitches while providing amplified precision and better results after healing.

Drs. Lockhart proudly offer this technology at our office to our dear clients.