Teeth whitening is a non-invasive, conservative treatment that is applied to remove stains from the teeth and enhance the brightness of your smile. It can be used to reverse the bad effects of smoking, coffee, food stains, and aging, all of which can be the reasons for distorting your teeth and turning them yellow. You can have a long-lasting beautiful smile with our professional teeth whitening procedures that are way more effective than over-the-counter toothpastes and whiteners. At Dual Image Dentistry, we offer our clients several options for teeth whitening that are designed to fit their lifestyle. We recommend our custom-fitted whitening trays that remove the stains and improve the color of your teeth effectively in a short time. Teeth whitening can be the first step towards beautifying your smile. In combination with our other cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics services, you can transform your smile. Schedule your appointment right now to visit us and explore our safe, easy, and quick teeth whitening solutions.


Tooth Bonding is a procedure that involves adhering a composite resin material to your tooth. This tooth-colored composite can be shaped like a tooth to match the other teeth in both shape and color. During the procedure, the tooth is conditioned first, then an adhesive substance is applied upon it to allow a strong chemical bond between the composite and your tooth. After that, the composite is carefully placed after being matched to the shade of your teeth and then cured with a high-intensity light. This composite bonding is then polished and shaped to obtain the optimal finish. Our dentists can use this technique to change the shape, appearance, and color of your tooth. Bonding is also helpful for the following dental problems:

  • Heal the damage from cavities.
  • Shield an exposed root due to recession.
  • Adjust the alignment of a tooth.
  • Fill the gap between teeth.
  • Repair damaged, chipped, or cracked teeth.
  • Cosmetic substitute to amalgam fillings.

Schedule your appointment with our highly qualified dentists to explore the option of bonding for beautifying your smile.


Porcelain veneers are made of thin layers of porcelain that are bonded to the front surface of your teeth to give you a better appearance. They are custom-designed according to your dental structure and preference. Our dentists construct your porcelain veneers to improve the cosmetic appearance of your tooth. These veneers provide you with almost the same resilience, strength, and translucent qualities as natural teeth. They are incredibly durable and long-lasting. During the procedure, it may require minimum removal of your existing tooth so create enough space for the veneers to conveniently fit in your mouth. Porcelain veneers are an optimal choice for patients looking to change the color, size, shape, or positioning of their teeth. Cases where veneers might be a good option include:

  • Close gaps between teeth.
  • Cover stains in teeth.
  • Cover worn enamel.
  • Fix the poor alignment or uneven surface of teeth.

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